Project management

For our customers, we offer a wide array of services that cover the whole range of project management including construction and commissioning management.

In doing so, we provide, for example, the preparatory approval planning, control and monitor the progress of the project or direct the commissioning.

Site and superstructure management


No matter where your projects are, we are the partner for a successful construction management:

  • Execution monitoring

  • Schedule control

  • Logging of the construction journal

  • On-site measurement, acceptance, handover

  • Cost control

Project management office


The IEK provides you with all services required of a project management office so that everything can go according to plan and no unexpected situations arise:

  • Project management

  • Security management

  • Cost management

  • Appointment management

  • Change management

  • Quality management

Management of commissioning


As an elementary bridge between the construction and operation of a plant, commissioning is extremely important. We provide you with everything you need:

  • Comissioning concepts

  • Commissioning programs

  • Commissioning instructions

  • Implementation of commissioning

Security and healt cordination


Through the use of one of our coordinators, compliance with the safety regulations and guidelines is monitored at all times in your company or on your construction site. This is a requirement and contributes to the minimization of safety violations.

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