Control- and communication technology


For our customers, we are looking for advantages that result from manufacturer-independent digitalisation with, for example:

  • Expert-based "Data Compaction", Big Data

  • Combination of plants from different energy sectors to optimize the timetable capacity of producers and load management

  • Migration concepts for process control technology

Electronic secondary technology


For our customers, we offer a wide array of services covering the entire range of secondary technology including network calculation.In this context, we provide the preparatory as well as project planning and carry out all the necessary protection and commissioning tests at the plants on site.

Network calculation


Our experts provide the following goods and services for networks of all voltage levels:

  • Load flow calculations

  • Short circuit calculations

  • Selectivity calculations

  • Calculation of protective parameters and setting values

  • Creation of scheduling plans

  • Calculations related to new grid connections

  • Calculations of upper vibrations

  • Optimization of grid areas with increased feed-in of regenerative producers

All our calculations are carried out with the programs PowerFactory and PasGrid according to the customer's requirements.

Inspection and testing


Our specialized staff perform qualified tests, using state-of-the-art inspection technology. This includes:

  • Single and periodic testing of parameters and protection functions of your systems

  • Commissioning tests for new plants or testing for changes and extensions of existing plants (according to the requirements of VDE 0105 and the DGUV regulation 3)

  • Transformer tests for all existing protection and measuring cores of your system

  • Troubleshooting and fault analysis of error events.



For your plants and projects, we provide you with engineering from the conceptual design to the specifications to the detailed engineering.

We create circuit diagrams for you in the standard formats. Together with our partner companies for switch cabinet construction, we supply ready-to-install and factory-tested control cabinets. On site, we monitor and coordinate all necessary work.

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